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professional closter residential painting contractor Painting a Closter home can be a challenging job to undertake without the help of a professional painting contractor. Residents of Closter should trust the leading New Jersey painting contractor to handle all of the interior and exterior painter services.

JNG Painting is a professional Closter painting contractor that provides interior and exterior painting services to North New Jersey homes. Our painting services include interior painting, exterior painting, new construction painting, eco-friendly painting, pressure washing, commercial painting, office painting, drywall repair, popcorn ceiling removal, deck staining, wallpaper removal and garage epoxy flooring.

At JNG Painting, we have been providing quality residential and commercial painting services for over 10 years. We provide exceptional customer service combined with our professional painting talents for an unique painting service. Our painters have the experience to paint any interior and exterior surface.

 Why You Should Hire JNG Painting:

  • We are a professional painting contractor.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the painting industry.
  • We are family-owned and operated business.
  • JNG Painting has a full-time professional painting staff.
  • We provide a variety of services to both commercial and residential clients

Closter House Painter

As a professional Closter residential painting contractor , JNG Painting believes in providing the best interior and exterior painting services to all of our customers. We believe that painting your house should be an enjoyable experience. Our professionals can handle all of the hard work and stress.

Our interior painting service is just one of the many painting services that we provide. We follow a strict interior painting process. To start, our professional designer meet with you to discuss exactly what you envisions for the room we are painting. Before starting the painting process, we prep the room by removing all furniture and covering the area with drop clothes. We will then repair any cracks or damages to your drywall before applying two coats of the selected paint. Once the paint is dry, our professional will make sure you are 100% satisfied before labeling the job complete.

Just like our interior painting service, our exterior painting services involves a similar process. We start by giving you a free consultation to help you envision the style you want for your Closter home. Before we start painting, we repair any small damages to your siding that would affect the final outcome of your painting job. Finally, we apply two coats of weather resistant paint for a clean finish. Our professionals can even paint your trims, doors, windows and porch.

Closter Drywall Repair

The walls of your house are your home’s structure and base. Without your home’s walls, your home wouldn’t be a home at all. The drywall in your house deserves to be treated with respect. If you have noticed that there are slight damages or big gaping holes in your drywall, it is time for a professional drywall repair service.

JNG provides Closter and the surrounding area with professional drywall repair services that can have even the roughest walls looking new again. We use careful precision when we inspect your walls for any sheetrock damage. If there is even the slightest hole, or crack, your final paint job will be ruined. Our professionals will repair any drywall damages before applying two coats of high quality paints.

The Services that We Provide Closter, New Jersey Include:

  • Closter Residential Painting Contractor
  • Closter Painting Services
  • Closter Residential Painting
  • Closter Commercial Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Office Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Drywall Repair
  • New Construction Painting
  • Eco-Friendly Painting
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal
  • Deck Staining

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