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Wayne popcorn ceiling removal services At one time, popcorn ceilings were all the rage. Since it is no longer the 1970s, popcorn ceilings are on the way out. Removing popcorn ceiling is a great way to update the interior appearance of your home.

JNG Painting provides a  Hawthorne popcorn ceiling removal service to commercial and residential clients. If you feel like your home is outdated because of the type of ceiling throughout your house, our professionals can help.

We have highly trained professionals who understand the important role your ceiling plays in the interior appearance of your house. An outdated ceiling can make your entire house seem old and outdated. If you are looking for a great way to add style to your house, you can take advantage of our  Hawthorne popcorn ceiling removal services.

JNG Painting has over ten years of experience in popcorn ceiling removal, and we have a detailed process that will removal all the popcorn ceiling from your home.

Our Hawthorne Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process:

Before we start your popcorn ceiling removal process, we want to reassure you that we have you and your home’s best interest at heart. This means we handle your ceiling removal with care and courteous behaviors.

To start, we prepare the room. Preparing the room entails removing all furniture and items from the room, sealing off the entire room with plastic sheets from the crown modeling down, putting in a window fan for ventilation and adding a drop cloth with waterproof backing to the floor. These steps help keep your home safe during the popcorn ceiling removal process.

After your room is prepped, we spray small areas of your ceiling with a basic garden sprayer. This will soften your ceiling and break down the adhesive bond between the popcorn ceiling and your roof. We work in small areas at a time so the water is not left on your roof for long periods of time, and you don’t have to worry about water damage.

After the water soaks in, we scrap the popcorn texture from your ceiling with a ceiling texture scraper. This is a messy project, but we can assure you that your home’s walls and flooring will not be damaged during the process.

After the entire popcorn ceiling is removed from your home, our professional designers can help you find a new ceiling texture that will work better for your style. We can even paint your ceiling for you.

At JNG Painting, we understand that your ceiling is what completes the interior look of your house. If you take advantage of our  Hawthorne popcorn ceiling removal services, we will have your home looking updated and stylish.

Our Hawthorne Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services:

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If you want to know more about our Hawthorne Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services, please call JNG Painting LLC at 973-855-6258 or fill out our online request form.