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north new jersey interior painting services When it is time to paint the interior of your Wayne home, there is only one company in the area who you can trust to complete the job. JNG Painting LLC offers  Hawthorne interior painting solutions for your house. Our painters are professionally trained and certified to paint the interior of any residential home or commercial business.

We have over ten years of experience with interior painting, and we have provided several homes in the Wayne and Hawthorne area with high quality interior paint jobs.

JNG Painting provides a variety of services that go hand and hand with our  Hawthorne interior painting services.

Some of our Hawthorne additional services including:

  • Drywall repairs
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Commercial Interior Painting
  • Residential Interior Painting

Our Hawthorne Interior Painting Process:

Our professional painters will take good care of your home during the interior painting process. We will cover all the floors, countertops, appliances and furniture with the proper drop clothes to avoid paint splatter. We even move movable furniture from the room and replace it once the job is completed.

Before we start painting, we do all necessary and agreed upon wall and trim repairs. We can paint any part of your home including the walls, the ceilings, window trims, doors and door frames. We will inspect your drywall completely and perform any drywall repair services that need to be done. Our painters will look for any cracks, water damage and defects in your walls that will affect the final outcome of your interior paint job. After the area is repaired, our professional will apply our high quality paints, which are from trusted manufactures.

At JNG Painting, we use all different types of paints. Our professionals know exactly where these paints need to be used. We recommended that walls are painted with a professional grade, interior wall paint in color and sheen. We have many different types of wall paints in a variety of prices. We even supply eco-friendly paint options so your paint job doesn’t affect the environment around you. The number of coats that we apply on a drywall is usually two coats after preparation. The application method and times between coats varies.

We recommend that ceilings are painted in a flat paint. This will minimize the light reflection or sheen, which can highlight any imperfections on a ceiling. The sheen would also be distracting. However, it is recommended that bathrooms be painted with a glossy paint due to moisture levels.

All washable and hard surfaces such as trims and doors are recommended to be finished and coated with professional grade interior enamel paint. Oil or water based paints can be used depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Once your Hawthorne interior painting service is completed, our professional will clean up the area by removing any tape, replacing all the hardware and outlet covers, putting all the furniture back, and cleaning all interior glass.

JNG Painting provides you with an excellent interior painting service that you can rely on. Our professionals value your home as much as you do, and we will strive to help you make it beautiful.

Examples of Our Hawthorne Interior Painting Services:

Our Hawthorne Interior Painting Services:

  • Hawthorne Interior Painting
  • Residential Interior Painting
  • Interior Painting Services
  • Interior Paint Jobs
  • Commercial Interior Painting
  • New Construction Interior Painting
  • Interior Office Painting
  • Wallpaper Removal Services
  • Drywall Repair Services
  • Wayne Interior Paints
  • Eco-Friendly Interior Painting
  • New Jersey Interior Painting Services



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If you want to know more about our Hawthorne Interior Painting Services, please call JNG Painting LLC at 973-855-6258 or fill out our online request form.