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JNG Painting's New Jersey deck staining services When the summer months roll around, a family enjoys the outside of their home by utilizing their house’s deck. Whether it is a BBQ, or a small family picnic, your deck needs to be fully functional and ready for the extensive usage.

JNG Painting is a Wayne deck staining company , who provides quality deck refinishing services to the residents of North New Jersey. Our professionals are highly trained and have experience in treating wooden decks.

As an outside home feature, a deck is exposed to the harsh weather elements constantly. When untreated wood is consistently exposed to heavy rains and bright sunshine, the decaying process can be sped up. The best way to improve your deck’s appearance and increase its longevity is by adding a professional coat of stain. JNG Painting has experience staining all types of home features including decks, balconies, walkways and fences.

If you walk on your home’s deck and notice the wood sinks in slightly or pieces are starting to chip off, it is time to have your deck refinished by a professional contractor.

There are several different factors that can affect the appearance of your deck. Some of those factors include:

  • Harsh sunlight that bleaches out the staining of the wood
  • Heavy rains that can leave untreated wood to rot
  • Cold weather that will leave wood soggy and damaged
  • Snow and ice that can leave wood frozen for long periods of time

All of these factors can severely damage the wood of your deck. You may not notice it during the winter months, but when summer arrives you will notice is no longer functional. The professional JNG Painting can help stain your deck in any color of stain that you want. A darker stain can compliment a lighter colored house. We can even match the stain of your deck to the other wooden areas of your home. Our professionals also provide eco-friendly staining options so that your stain doesn’t harm the environment around you.

JNG Painting is a family-owned business, so we understand the importance of bring your family together outside of your home. When you take advantage of our Wayne deck staining services , you will have a newly refinished deck that your family will enjoy all summer long.

All of our professional carpenters are trained in the latest deck refinishing techniques, and you can trust the quality of our work. We do not label a job complete until our customer is 100% satisfied with the final outcome.

Examples of Our Wayne Deck Staining Services

Our Wayne Deck Staining Services:

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Residential Deck Staining

Deck Repair Services

Residential Deck Repairs

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Refinishing of Decks

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Deck Staining

Eco-friendly Staining

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North New Jersey Deck Staining Services



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If you want to know more about our Wayne Deck Staining Services, please call JNG Painting LLC at 973-855-6258 or fill out our online request form.