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wayne wallpaper removal services When you buy a home that has been previously owned, there are going to be several different things you want to change. The wallpaper that was fashionable 30 years ago will need to be removed before you can paint the walls the color you want.

Wallpaper can be incredibly tricky to apply, but it is an absolute pain to remove. Removing old wallpaper that has been on the walls for years can damage your drywall. JNG Painting is a professional painting contractor that provides Hawthorne wallpaper removal services. We can help you completely revision the interior of your house without wallpaper.

If you have ever tried to take down wallpaper, you know how much of a hassle it is. There are so many different variables that can affect how easy the job will be. The professionals JNG Painting can ease your frustration and take that hassle off of your hands. JNG Painting has the skills to remove even the toughest and oldest wallpaper. Our team of wallpaper removing experts can ensure that the surface beneath that old wallpaper is preserved and remains undamaged. This would not be an easy task to accomplish alone.

Our staff of full-time painters have years of experience dealing with wallpaper removal. This includes dealing with different types of gules and different types of papers. We’ll remove the wallpaper as quickly and cleaning as possible.

JNG Painting has a detailed  Hawthorne wallpaper removal process that will ensure that your wallpaper is successfully removed without damaging your walls.

Our Hawthorne Wallpaper Removal Process:

Just like the start of all of our other services, the care of your house is the number one issues. We begin your wallpaper removal service by prepping your room. Our professionals will carefully removal all of your belonging from the room so they are not damaged during the wallpaper removal service. We will cover the base of your walls and floors with special drop clothes to ensure that none of these areas are harmed. All switch plates and outlet covers are removed from the walls.

The next step after the room is completely prepped is to puncture small holes in your existing wallpaper to make the removal process run smoother. This will allow our solution to penetrate through the glues and adhesive base.

We use a high grade, commercial level wallpaper removal solution. This solution works better than hot water and fabric softener. We will spray small sections of your walls with the solution to allow it soak in without being left on your walls too long.

Once the solution has been left on for a few minutes, our professionals will start stripping the wallpaper from your wall. We will take good care of your walls so that you have smooth surface to work on with your next project.

After all of the wallpaper is removed our professionals will clean your walls with sponges and hot water to remove all traces of the wallpaper glue. We will then dry your walls with a towel so they are damaged by the water.

JNG Painting’s professional  Hawthorne wallpaper removal service has already provided several North New Jersey homes with clean, wallpaper free walls. Our professionals have the skills and talents to remove the wallpaper from your house.

Our Hawthorne Wallpaper Removal Services:

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  • Wallpaper Removals
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  • Wall Stripping
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  • Hawthorne Wallpaper Removal
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  • Wallpaper Replacement
  • New Jersey Wallpaper Removal Service


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If you want to know more about our Hawthorne Wallpaper Removal Services, please call JNG Painting LLC at 973-855-6258 or fill out our online request form.