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Wayne popcorn ceiling removal services There are few home renovation projects as daunting a task as popcorn ceiling removal. There just is no easy shortcut around this project. Some homeowners attempt to tackle this task as a DIY one. But doing it yourself is likely to leave you annoyed less than halfway through the first room. And if you do have multiple rooms it just isn’t likely you will have all the rooms done within the next decade or so.

There are many reasons why hiring a professional to get the job done just makes more sense. One of the important concerns is that if your popcorn ceiling is pre-1979 it could contain asbestos. You should get is tested and this is the type of hazardous material that only an experienced, trained expert should take care of.

Process of DIY Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If you are considering doing this yourself then you should at least know the steps involved. Keep in mind, this is going to take a great deal more time then letting pros do the job. Not to mention likely to cause neck and arm strain or pain.

  1. Remove furniture from room and work in empty space. Even covered, bits of this mess will end up in every nook and cranny of your furniture if you leave it in the room.

  2. Using a drop cloth or plastic covering, make sure the floor is completely covered. If you use sheets of plastic be sure to tape them together securely to prevent any leaks.

  3. Use a fan for increased ventilation. Just be sure to leave it near the ground and not pointed towards the ceiling.

  4. Using a sprayer, dampen the area of the ceiling you are starting with. Keep in mind, this material soaks up water quickly so part of the tedious task is keeping it dame.

  5. The next part of the popcorn ceiling removal process is to scrape the damp texture off with a texture scraper.

  6. Repeat in the next section until the ceiling is completed. From there you can use a sanding pole and screen to smooth down ceiling.

Choosing a Team of Pros

Ask anyone who has tried the DIY approach to removing this messy stuff; they will all agree to hire a pro. For the best in Wayne and surrounding areas, they will also tell you that JNG Painting LLC is the best in business. From deck staining and exterior painting to pressure washing and popcorn ceiling removal we offer all the services you could need. Contact us today so we can take care of this tedious task for you.



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