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residential and commerical new jersey pressure washing A pressure washer is a heavy piece of machinery that can be dangerous in the hands of an unprofessional. This machine delivers a powerful stream of water through a high pressured flow. If used in the wrong way, there could be serious damage to a home or a person.

JNG Painting is a professional Wayne pressure washing service that can help you clean your decks, patios, sidewalks, walkways and more. Our painters have the proper training to handle a pressure washer professionally.

Overtime, the exterior features of your house will collect dirt, soot and grime. The best way to clean these areas is with a professional pressure washing service. JNG Painting, the same contractors that painted your house, provides a pressure washing service.

The exterior of your house takes a beating from the sun, rain, wind and hail. It won’t take long before the exterior of your Wayne home starts to look dirty, grimy or moldy. A professional Wayne pressure washing service can change that.

The Best Features to Clean with a Pressure Washer:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Brick
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Parking lots
  • Any concrete area

We also provide our Wayne pressure washing services to commercial clients as well. We can help you clean the exterior of your business. First impressions with your business are everything, and a dirty parking lot, sidewalk or drive thru could steer customers away.

Our professionals have the skills to safely handle heavy machinery such as a complex power washing system. When you take advantage of our exterior cleaning services, your house will be the highlight of the neighborhood.

Our Wayne Pressure Washing Services Include:

  • Wayne Pressure Washing Services
  • Pressure Washing Services
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Walkway Cleaning
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Exterior Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Pressure Washing
  • Residential Pressure Washing
  • New Jersey Pressure Washing


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If you want to know more about our Wayne Pressure Washing Service, please call JNG Painting LLC at 973-855-6258 or fill out our online request form.