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plastic can with paint, roller, brushes If you’re growing tired of the look of your home, then maybe it is time to try changing it up with a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color of a room can help to completely transform the look and feel that it presents, making a claustrophobic study bedroom suddenly feel large and inviting; the power of proper color choice can have a major impact on the comfort that your home provides. When it comes to making the right choices in painting your interior, the assistance of an experienced home painter will come a long way to getting the results you need, and the advice to ensure that you achieve lasting quality and enjoyment from the changes.

At JNG Painting LLC we have over 10 years of work experience serving the Boonton area, and will be able to handle any and all of your painting needs all for an affordable price. We offer each of customer upfront pricing and the perfect painting solution for any situation, whether it be re-painting the interior of your entire office, or redoing a single bathroom. We strive to provide fast and friendly service with a smile, and maintain good communication from start to finish on each and every project, to guarantee that you get the results you are after.

When you need the best in Boonton painting services, make certain to give the expert staff at JNG Painting LLC a call!

 Boonton Deck Staining

You want your deck to remain looking great, but if it hasn’t been refinished in recent memory, then it will begin to fade and show signs of serious wear that will rapidly accelerate its deterioration. To keep your deck in the best shape possible and preserve its value, you will have to have it regularly re-stained. Staining a deck will protect the wood against the environment and keep rot and other potential problems at bay; after a good pressure washing and deck staining, you can have your deck looking like brand new!

Boonton Eco-Friendly Painting

The fumes from paints can be dangerous, and sometimes lingers in a home for as long as a month after the paint has initially been applied. This can prove dangerous for your family, and you might be breathing in noxious fumes that could lead to respiratory conditions or other health issues, without even realizing it. Instead of taking that risk, have eco-friendly paint applied to your home, which will eliminate the threat of fumes and reduce the threat that your paint has to the surrounding environment.

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